Tuesday, February 09, 2010

An observation

My husband asked me something yesterday. 
"Do you have all your money files backed up?"

I replied something like
"What money files?"

He said "The book work you always do on the computer."

Me "oh, on the computer, I do bookwork.  Right.  I haven't done any bookwork...."

"Well, where is it?"

Me  "In envelopes I guess.  I just write it down and file it."

"Well that's not like you.  You like bookwork and always had it on the computer remember."

Me  "I think I was depressed.  I don't remember not doing the bookwork on the computer.  I just forgot or didn't do it.  That is sad.  "

I have observed my office in a new light.  I have not done what I normally do.  So I am changing that.  I will start again and do it on computer again.  My head was just not wrapping around the simpliest things I suppose and that has changed.

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