Tuesday, February 16, 2010

USA spends more $$$ on DOG food than on Missions....

How sad is that?  When the Bible talks about feeding the poor, and taking care of those who are needy and how those who shut their eyes to them will have many curses ~ how can we spend more on our pets then on people?!?!

I woke up with something HEAVY on my heart.  You could say my heart was breaking and feeling compassion for someone.  That someone is anyone who has been hurt by my hyprocrital ways or the ways of "the church".  I sit here in tears just thinking of it ~ how "the church" or "christians" can do so much damage by NOT LOVING THEIR NEIGHBOUR.  Really, isn't that what it comes down to?  If we truly loved our neighbour, would we not have their best interest in mind, would we TRY to not cause them to stumble?  So much of what "we" (i'm talking myself included here) do is based on our own selfish gain or COMFORT.  It is inconvenient.  I don't have time.  They are weird and may be clingy if I smile at them.  I'll be uncomfortable doing this or doing that.  I don't like hospitals, so I won't go visit someone.  I can't commit to something like that...  Oh the excuses we make.

 BUT people are watching us!  We are to be a light on the hill top for everyone to see!  How can we be a light when we sit at home and do nothing?  Did God not give us talents and gifts?  Why?  So we'd hide them under a bush OH NO!  I'm gonna let it shine!  Maybe you think your gift is "no big deal"...but maybe your music brings joy to others...go play in a retirement home and see the smiles, then tell me if it is NO BIG DEAL!  Maybe you make cards and send them to others...the encouragement they receive knows no dollar value.  Maybe you are a teacher of something and your "good job" can make a difference.  Maybe it's staying after class to make sure that kid gets it or share your lunch with a kid that may not have one. Maybe you have vocational skills that can be donated to a worthy cause? Maybe you are at home with children (who are a great blessing and 1st priority) but you make a mean chocolate chip cookie...can you share them with neighbours?  Maybe you could take a neighbour's kid to the park for 1 hour while the other parent gets a much needed break.  Maybe that is the light others need to see because other "christians' didn't show them that sort of light.  What kind of high horse am I on anyhow?  I'm so scared to reach out for fear of what?  Unless they have rabies (the foaming at the mouth would give it away) they probably don't bite!  Maybe I/you are the answer they have been waiting for.

What does your heart wreck for?  Does your heart wreck when you see advertisements for World Vision type things?  Or do you change channels and think it's all "fake advertising" and resist it?  I have done that.  BUT I know there are poor...for whatever reason, war, famine, ill management of resources, government, sickness, etc...they are poor and GOD says to feed them.  Whatever we have done to the least of those, we have done unto the Lord.  God doesn't say to only feed those that I think deserve a hand up!  Who are the widows, the fatherless, the poor and the needy and the sick?  Look around and you should be able to find some, I know I can and it makes my heart break all the more.

Today I had a revelation...BOTH the sheep and the goats in Matthew 23 called Him "Lord" and he said he didn't know the goats because they did not feed or clothe or help the poor and needy.  WOW!  That hit me so hard!  So we sponser a child and write to her and pray for her and have asked for another....but really, it feels like so incredibly little in the grand scheme of things.  God said he wanted our gifts to fill up HIS storehouses so there would be food enough for the poor and needy.  Proverbs 19:17 look it up. Anyone who is gracious/giving to the poor man, LENDS to God (Himself) and GOD WILL REPAY. I wonder what kind of interest rate God uses when His math is nothing like our world's math?! God is a multiplier into the 1000's!

IMAGINE for a moment IF everyone gave 10% of their income to the poor and needy.  Would we need welfare anymore?

Guess along the lines of hyprocrital actions...I was thinking about abortion.  Most will tell you that it is taking an innocent life  (those in church per say), but what do we do to help the Mothers.  We give them maternity cloths and carseats and food vouchers maybe.  BUT what do we do after the baby is born?  Do we help them with their shopping?  Do you take them out or arrange for a babysitter?  Or for the couples that adopt, oh what a lovely thing!  But then we forget all about them too?  Do we bring them meals or not because they didn't actually give birth so they are probably just fine...what about their adjustments?  Can we not support them and pray for them all the more?  How often I forget about people and what is happening in their lives because I have my own.

I have been challenged today to put my actions where my beliefs are MORE.  To the EXTENT we have done to the least of these, my children, you have done unto ME (Jesus).  WOW!  The extent.

This is what I am chewing on...I am a work in progress...sorry if you have come this far and hate me or what I am talking about.  I find I need to type it out and re read it in a few days to get my head around my thoughts.  I love you all and just wonder how much nicer our world could be if everyone just did a little more kindness...

Going to go kiss my sweeties goodnight, their Daddy is saying his goodnight over the phone.

Proverbs 19:17  look it up.  Anyone who is gracious/giving to the poor man, LENDS to God (Himself) and GOD WILL REPAY.  I wonder what kind of interest rate God uses when His math is nothing like our world's math?!  God is a multiplier into the 1000's!

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