Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Anniversary Day Out

Our 16th Anniversary was May 27th, Gregg was in Kamloops for the day, but we had booked the next day "off" for just us. The girls and I managed to figure out how to put together a loft bed we had bartered for from another homeschool family.  It was great fun and we worked together and figured it out.  It was fun showing the girls how to lay parts out and look at holes, faded wood parts, etc to see how something would go together.  Then how to look up on the internet instructions from the label that was on the bed.  She slept in it that night and Daddy was IMPRESSED with his girls!  Mission accomplished!
Heavy lifting team work
Finished!  Just needs the desk, etc put in and made cozy

Banner girls made for us

they were so cute, table all set nicely, good thing I brought a frozen pizza home...they forgot about food!

 We watched a movie until a little too late on Friday, but still managed to get into 100 Mile by shortly after 9 am.  Gregg wanted to go to some yard sales, and they usually start around 8-9am.  Some that were advertised were never found...it was like the addresses never existed, so that was amusing.

We did have the camera along, but we didn't take any pictures really...how silly!

Silly goat by 108 greenhouse...liked to climb the bunk bed 
I found a bunch of supplies for Kate's little candle recycling/making business but the biggest score came from one house in the 108.  We almost never stopped at this one, as it was mainly furniture from a staging and selling of a house.  WELL NOW!  What I would have missed!  There in the corner of the garage was a ... can you guess?  A .... quilting frame!   YES, oh yes...I played it very calmly, told my hubby to see if he could get it for $10.  Of course he did!  It is not a roll up fancy frame, but 4 boards to make a rectangle and all the holes drilled out and bolts to insert.  Can't wait to put it to use, just trying to figure out which cabin I can set it up in to quilt!

In this same house I went in to look at the house mainly, as it had just sold and she had been doing some fixing up in it.  As renovators, we are always interested in how they use space.  Noticed a few things that we funny...like a black light switch with a white cover...we did understand though that most people would need an electrician to change that, but it was cute.

Back to my other train of thought~ there was a long narrow rectangle table with 2 leaves in it.  It was incredibly heavy, had a few dings on it, but I was thinking how nicely it would fit in the kitchen space we have and with the bench.  My hubby got looking at it as I whispered my thoughts to him...he offered $30 and we set out to take the legs off and into the van it went!  So happy we had no seats in the van!

New to us table...heavy!  Now we just wish we had our chairs.
By this time it was getting past lunch time, I had brought a salad along and juice/tea, but we were needing to be somewhere.  I started to eat the prepared salad in the van.  Very romantic!

We stopped at a cute little greenhouse in the 108, this is where I took this picture to show the girls!
They were super friendly and we chatted of course.

Off we went to the next stop, my choice, going to look at 3 houses for sale.  Used some of our gift certificate to Tim Horton's...cafe mocha!  yummy!

Now we didn't buy anything, but this is the first step to seeing what is available in different price ranges and it was so fun!  So was finding the mummified grey cat in an old chicken coop. Ha ha.  The drunk Polish man was amusing as well.  The house that smelled strongly of animals was not so much fun.

Then we ended up changing our plans to go to a restaurant and went to someone's house instead.  Gregg has met a German man through work and we were invited to their place on the lake...very wonderful steak, baked potato and corn on the cob meal.  She was a very nice woman as well, and their home was very near to what Gregg and I dream of...at least the furniture!  It was super beautiful antique wardrobes, etc from the 1700's...yes, 1700's...the wood work was amazing.  I appreciated just being around the furnishings.  In Germany he said they are so much cheaper there...and that we should go buy some and rent a container to ship them over. Maybe in some other time, but it is nice to dream!

We visited with strangers, especially liked little Ida from the used furniture place who saw me going through the old patterns.  We exchanged numbers and she was going to see if she still had some patterns and would give them to me.  The world is full of nice people, we just need to be approachable and take note and time for a little conversation.

Our whole day cost under $50 and we spent the whole day touring tour, came home with a table and quilting frame plus odds & ends.  I think we'll always remember this anniversary as a very interesting one.
Oh, and yes, we came home and watched movies until 3 am...just because we could.  Too bad I couldn't sleep past 8 am!  haha

I just love days with hardly any schedule and time with just my hubby!

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candibaby said...

Awesome Jo! Glad you got the bed up and running and sounds like your days was super fun!