Monday, May 16, 2011

Sewing for little girls ~ a project in the making

When my girls are around 7-8 years old we have made a new tradition of sewing a "Memory Quilt". We use pieces of their baby clothes and favorite things that no longer fit.  Half the stuff is stained somewhere, but cutting a piece out makes it seem like it is not a waste anymore.  We make squares of some size they choose and get to work piecing the colors together in a pattern THEY like.  Then I sew the strips and they do the tying up of the quilt.  Baby #3 Mei is now doing hers.  It has been taking us awhile as the squares ended up a weird size and I had to be a lot more creative to use the little pieces she wanted in hers.
Here is what it looks like now....all spread out on the floor and getting moved around into the pattern she likes.  There is a reason for each block to be where it is...because SHE likes it that way!

The first try..."much too small" says she!  Make more squares!

On the thrifty side, this uses up lots of little fabrics.  I needed to buy the blue flannel backing, but I got it for half price.  Not too bad.  I also had the cotton fill from other projects to use.  Using up odd colored thread is also just fine...thrifty! She will have this blanket for a long time. 
I'll update you once I get the pieces sewn together.  I have been busy doing some other little cute projects ...



Kimberly said...

I need to learn how to sew. Man.

That last picture wasn't an announcement, was it!

Jo said...

The only announcements from me are for new nieces and nephews! shucks...