Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bantam chick update 21 days old

Little bantam chicks bought May 3rd and brown ISO/buff orpington chickshatched May 8th
This is a very white silkie bantam with black beak, skin and 5 toed feet.  Not the usual 4 toes.  Extremely fine feathers, louder cheeping noises, adorable and going to be very pretty.
Same Silkie, pure fluff!

Black/yellow "Oreo" chicks are getting very fuzzy legs!  Can you tell there are feathers growing out of the backs of it's knees?

Some of these look like Falcons or Eagles.  Notice how big they are next to the Silkie on the right.  Their wings look small in comparison to the rest of them.  Other chicks run under them all the time.

More pics of legs.  These little red feeders are also a good judge of how big and small some are.

Most adorable "Tweety Bird", Mei's little chick.  Used to burrow into our hands, but can't quite fit into Mei's anymore.  Wings are bigger than the body.  It is a Japanese breed, shorter legs, delicate and fiesty...likes to play tag and sun itself under the heat lamp.

More fuzzy chicks

This one looks like an Owl with it's puffy cheeks, or someone with their wisdom teeth out!  HA

All these fuzzy legs makes me remember our days in MCI....remember girls?  Nothing some purple or green tights couldn't cover eh???

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