Monday, May 16, 2011

Recipe using Phyllo pastry

Time for a recipe....I had a package of phyllo pastry frozen in my freezer.  I've been going through the freezer using up items (thrifty....always check your freezer before grocery shopping!).  So what do you do with Phyllo?  I had to try for Mother's Day I made a Spanokapita recipe with homemade cottage cheese, spinach frozen from our garden, etc.  It was yummy for the adults, not so much the kids.
SOOO...enter a creative Jo....lets try~ homemade cream cheese
~ frozen blueberries rolled in a tbsp of flour
~ homemade blueberry jam
~ chocolate chips and chocolate sauce
~ spread some olive oil in pan first, then start layers
~layered these, put some melted butter on the top layer
~ Bake 350 approx 22 minutes, drizzle 1 tbsp white sugar on top, cook for a few more minutes until it was looking golden and most delicious!

My hubby ate and ate...which says something as he always wants to eat "healthy"....basically this was much healthier than pie.  Hardly any sugar and fat.  So delicious!  Girls said I shouldn't put blueberries in...ha ha.
It is fun digging through the freezer and looking for ways to use things I already have.  I am 1 hour from the store, so necessity is the mother of invention!  

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Kimberly said...

You are AMAZING! Wow!