Monday, April 25, 2011

A womanly topic ~ environmentally friendly periods

Oh yes, what a topic.  This is for women, by a woman.  Besides suffering through inconsistent monthy/bimonthly/biweekly periods, I also suffered through sensitivities to commercial pads and tampons.  I thought what did they use before they had Kotex and Always?  In history books they used moss...none of that available...then they just used cloth rags.  WELL, in the 60's they were using the DIVA cup until big business discovered the money to be made in producing "disposables" we add monthly to the growing number of hardly degradable diapers in the landfills!  YIKES.  So I got me the DIVA CUP.
 Two sizes for women who have been pregnant, one for not.  No biggie.  My periods have never been the same.  Took 2 cycles to sorta get the hang of it, but I now take it everywhere and can function nicely in any setting.  Relax!  Check out the links.
This link you can use my coupon code "Jolenecouponcode" to get $10 off when you order $40.  I have never seen the Diva Cup for under $39 in Canada.  I had bought mine in a London Drugs.
The above site has tonnes of products as well, great for those of us living a little more remote!
Oh, see the money I am saving....ha ha!

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Kimberly said...

I can't stand using tampons, it just feels wrong, so maybe I'll give the DIVA cup a try!