Sunday, April 03, 2011

Missing Manitoba

NO, I'm not missing the wind or the snow, etc...I am missing coffee times with friends, popping by a neighbour's for tea, going to church, riding bike to get the mail and doing a quick run into Co-op for something.  I miss knowing people as I walked down the road.  I miss being in the loop.

I love my life here, it has been good to be on a ranch and have this "lifestyle", but being so far removed and being cash-strapped has made it difficult to meet people.  It will be 3 years this summer since we've moved here.  Lots has happened and nothing has happened ~ all at the same time.  Ha ha.

Tomorrow the finances should have cleared from our Manitoba house sale, our mortgage should be reduced to a wonderful ZERO.  Maybe that is why we are reflecting on a year ago.  Last April we were doing our crazy renovation in Manitoba.  Guess you could look at April 2010 for those posts.

Anticipation is a wonderful thing ~ I am anticipating many more wonderful things in our future.  Our girls are not going to be with us forever and we have things to do and places to see!  Trusting God to lead and bless.

So to all my Manitoba friends, drink some tea and think something nice of me ~ like the good type of thoughts people think after someone dies.  No, not being morbid, but ever notice how wonderful people were after they died?  Ha ha.  I will sip some apple tea (from a package..yikes!) and think of you!  CHEERS!


Anonymous said...

We've been thinking a lot lately too about how we miss you. Annalynne still talks about your girls and the fun things we did out there two years ago like it just happened yesterday. We sure wish that you lived closer so we could just stop by for a weekend!

Wolfe pack

Kimberly said...

I often wish you didn't live so far out of town. I'd love to have you pop round for a visit. =)