Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My brother...turns the big 40 today!

Oh, he'll probably never know about this, so I hope he doesn't mind me saying his age!  Seeing as he is 40, must mean I am getting older too!  So how do I go about writing a post about my 1 and only brother?  Do I simply list off all his attributes and qualities that truly made him "MR. Nauce" ?

A sibling is like no other.  Who else knows exactly what you are talking about when remembering your family when you were growing up?  The vacations, the work, the fun supper meals?

I had the bestest big brother ever...he protected me.  He showed me how to make "moolah" by collecting beer bottles, old copper wiring, selling marbles back to your buddies, raising pigs, etc.  He was industrious and always thinking.  He had an appreciation for yummy food and had a laugh/giggle we all liked to hear.

I was quite devastated when he moved away when I was in grade 9.  BUT he remembered my birthday and though I don't keep score, probably hasn't since.

My brother and I have stood beside our Mom as children at our Dad's grave and later as adults and him a new Dad while we buried our sister.  No one else can identify and understand us like we can.  I hope he knows that I will always have his back.  My brother had a lot thrown his way and has overcome and is a wonderful husband and father of five.  He's not an old man, but for today, I may tease him about being so old!  ha ha. I know how many years behind him I am!

I was trying to find photos on our computer of my big brother and found some from Easter 2 years ago.
Happy Birthday Mr. Nauce from Gran

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Allison said...

Happy Birthday to your Bro! It's so much fun to have our brother's turn the big 4-0 :-0 We had a party this year for my dad's 60th and Scott's 40th. Guess it's my turn in a short couple years. Allison