Saturday, April 16, 2011

Switching Banking Institutions ~ Yikes!

So we have delayed since our move to BC with switching our banking institutions to a local bank.  Before we moved from Manitoba to BC we put all our banking into internet/online banking and linked all the accounts together for ease of transferring money.  All our government cheques were automatically deposited, etc.  I could deposit into a bank machine at any CIBC or PC financial places.  It worked wonderfully.  I could pay all our bills online, which was a life saver as with our mail delivery, I often only received our bills within days of them needing to be paid.
We loved ING DIRECT for their ease of operations and have savings accounts there for the girls.  I deposited money into their accounts and they ALL received a $25 bonus!  So if you are looking for a basic interest paying (although it is low, everything is low right now) the bonus really helps!  GO to and use our referral code (ORANGE KEY) # 32040301S1. Yes, you and I both get the $25 bonus!  They have been so great to work with online!
We told ourselves that once our Manitoba house sold, we would close off all Mb accounts and open up something local.  So, now is the time.

We went to the Royal Bank in town and we were given such friendly service and chose them for their ease of doing TFSA (Tax Free Saving Accounts) with shares/stocks, etc online.  NOW the only thing that has been somewhat annoying, is having everything ON HOLD when we deposit.  The holds are 5 days right now because we are a new client with no history.  Policy.  Not too bad, but annoying when we wanted to do something with the money.

So, one more stage of finalizing our move is being done...requested our CO-OP equity from MB and also to close our banking there.  Guess it is for sure now eh?  BC is our life!

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