Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another wee niece has arrived

I am officially an Auntie of 11...5 nephews and 6 nieces.

Such happy news, so why should it bring me to bittersweet tears?  I am so far far away!  My first niece was born the day after my sister died which seems hardly fair to her.  I was in Manitoba, my brother in BC, so I have missed out on all their five babies.  My husband was 4 siblings, so you'd think I'd be able to catch some them more right?  Two nephews were born before we moved away from Manitoba.  It was nice being able to bring some food by and we even got to child mind for one of them on occasion.  Then WE had the gall to move to more babies are being born...whole pregnancies go by without a squeeze and whole summers go by without being able to take nephews/nieces for walks or ice cream.  My heart breaks.

I had some wonderful Uncle and Aunts growing up who spoke life into me and I'm sure prayed for me lots.  All I am left with is to pray for them as well.  I keep thinking that someday I will have more funds available to send parcels without the concern over postage, to be able to hop on a flight and make it out for a visit.  Until then, I will sit home, remembering them in my prayers and praying the day comes sooner than later that I may hold and squish them all to myself.

Welcome to the family little one!
A little update~ I am relaxing after this post, I have seen some pictures of the little sweetie, Jade, so I am motivated and the girls and I have some things we want to get together to mail out for the little "sisters"...Suzie has a sister!

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Angie Kroeker said...

Oh Jo, Love you. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.