Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The house is sold ~ it's off for Chinese food we go!

When we were doing all the renovating on our house to sell it, we promised the girls that when it sold we would take them out for chinese food.  That was a long year's wait!

The waitress was a little shaky on the picture taking, but there we are!

Pass the water please!

Mei found a new favourite...meat on a stick!

Yum yum broccoli!

Oh play time with Jello

Mei had a fun experience with one of cooks from the back.  Mei was heading to the bathroom when she asked her what her name was.  "Mei"  so she asked her "M A Y?"  and she of course said, "No, M E I" and the cook was very happy and said she was a very pretty girl!  Mei means Bright and Beautiful in chinese!

Trying to be sneaky and get a pic of my folks.

Building with jello jigglers

My fortune cookie also told me how to say "pudding"...sounds actually a lot like pudding, even in chinese


We were more than full and happy to have a chance to celebrate God's goodness in selling our home.  As of April 5th, the money has now actually shown up in our bank account.  Just to get it into the BC accounts now.
The thrift part of this wonderful celebration was that I had a coupon for 1/2 price...the whole meal with tip for 7 people was $46.  My sis in law giggled at me when I said "I had a coupon"..."Some things will never change Jo!"  Really ~ I hope they never do!  When you don't go out much, you sure appreciate it when you do!


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