Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Our October 31st Traditions

 Since moving to this great ranch life in BC, we have changed a tradition ~ we now dress up and take our neighbors goodies on October 31st.  We enjoy some tea, some visiting, and some sweets.
The Baldwin Sisters (from The Waltons)
The "Runaway Bride"
Our Native American Indian

Singing "Lollipop" and "You are my Sunshine"
 Boy oh boy, their makeup seems really dark in these photos!  Normally we are pretty much makeup free, but I guess the Baldwin Sisters eye sight is getting poor!  ha ha.
 These are the places we go to see our neighbors ~ what a beautiful country we live in!

Checking out the bounty!

We missed having tea with some of these lovely neighbors because the potatoes needed cooking.  So much fun visiting our 5 neighbors! Hopefully we brightened their day as much as they brightened my daughters with some sweets!

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Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

What a lovely tradition!

We always trick-or-treat in our own neighbourhood despite the fact the kids could get more candy, and faster, in town. It's such a lovely opportunity to say hi to the neighbours, learn a few more names, and feel that awesome sense of community that has us loving our home here so much!