Wednesday, November 02, 2011

~ The Great Chicken Update ~

Miss Leghorn "Peace" and "Daisy" is her sister
 We thought the above Leghorn was a BB English, but she's laying a white egg, is a bit like a road runner and the pictures of the BB English look different.  Guess we have 2 Leghorns ~ they are great layers!
Miss Daffodil ~ an Americauna hen.
Don't let the beard fool you, she's a hen! 
"Brownie" the rooster that used to be brown.
Thought he was BB English, but he must be Leghorn.
   The above rooster was the one with the black on his comb when he was a teenager.  No concerns now.  He has a great voice!
"Rocky" the Partridge Cochin Rooster.  He's the runt.
He's beautiful!

"Fluffy Bum" ~ need I saw more?
We hatched her ~ ISA Brown/ Buff Orpington

The ISA Brown/ Buff Orpington cross we hatched

Fun way to spend the afternoon


 We needed to prepare more nests and pens for the chickens for the winter, so we got everyone involved.  Winterizing, and making one pen out of two.

Fresh hay in their nests

Fresh water is very important ~ never let them run out.

Moving nests into another pen.
 Mom always says to put them up a little higher because of disease and vermin.  So we did.
They like to double up.  These are the Cochins.

Sawing a door between the 2 pens.  This can be closed in spring
when we separate the broody hens from the others.
 These 2 would jump through the window before we tightened the wires.  They would get back into their comfy nests and sit there together.  So cute.  This was when Fluff Ball (the black Cochin) was still around to entertain us.
Rosie the Partridge Cochin ~ the mate for Rocky

Into the nest!

Nothing like a good dust bath 

Ahhh "Crystal" the White Silkie

Feathered feet, black skin, blue ears and lots of FLUFF

Starting to get comfy for the night

"Crystal" and "Snowball" like to stick together


Niki said...

I LOVE YOUR CHICKENS!!!!!!!!! They are wonderful :D I wish I could be there to visit with you and your lovely daughters and chickens :P

Jo said...

They are great entertainment and get nutrition too!