Thursday, November 03, 2011

Another Great Chicken Update ~ because we have so many

These poor little chickens felt left out from the last post, so here they are in all their feathered splendor!
Miss Daffodil the Americauna

"Cloudy" the Americauna
Yes, named for her coloring and our neighbor because she's so cute

"Mr. Bean" the Black Brahma Rooster with feathered feet.

Look at those feet!  As chicks we nicknamed these guys "owls"  
"Mr. BEAN" he is hilarious when he runs

ISA Brown Hen ~ may be "Georgia" from Curious George
Another ISA Brown ~ they differ slightly in coloring.
Great layers.  

"Debbi" (yes from my mom in law)
She is one of the prettiest and we think a Sussex cross maybe?

Rosie ~ what's not to love about the roundness of her?
Notice her feet.  She will be a good Momma

Feathered feet of a Cochin

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