Thursday, November 10, 2011


What are you intimidated by?

I have been nervous to sew a tote bag.  Yes, a simple tote bag.  Why?  Probably because I am unique.  Ha ha!  Why?  Others do it so much better.  Yes, that is it.  OTHERS!

I was talking with my buddy in Manitoba yesterday and asked her how her sewing projects were getting along.  I got inspired.  While I have been following other sewing/quilting type blogs, I have been building confidence.

Out came a pattern ~ fabric ~ scissors ~ and a brave heart!

This is what I came out with, and I am proud to say I HAVE SEWN A TOTE BAG!  Yeah for ME!

Can you see how proud I am?  Confidence should be the word I use.

Can be worn around the neck too for hands-free

I did the pocket with an angle.  Trying to be creative.  Hard for me!

The pocket with the heart button and bling.

Being reversible means there's a pocket inside too!

Other view.  The bottom is round,
so I chose to use the opposite colors for effect.
Again, trying to be creative.

Pretty pleased!
 She now wants one in purple "Mom, how easy are they to make?  Would it look nice in purple? "  I think I am getting a hint here ladies!
My first tote bag completed!
This may not seem like anything to some of you, but it is a pretty big thing for me.  My hubby applauded me and I am encouraged.  So often I don't try something because someone else does it better.  Well, note to self:  Who really cares?  Do I enjoy it? YES.  Does it make me happy to try it?  YES.  Does it matter if I am not as awesome?  NO!  I should never compare myself to others, because Jesus doesn't.

Have I said how happy sewing something makes me?  HEE HEE.  I will be posting pictures soon of some aprons I am making.  Again, big thing for me.  Some of my patterns were missing pieces or didn't have instructions, so I am bumbling my way through.

So ~ one little question of you ~ what has been intimidating you?  Maybe it's time to show it who's boss!


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Wowza! I am agog over your creativity, Jo, it looks fabulous! I truly believe that whether by results or by changes in our heart, we are amply rewarded when we choose to be brave and use our God-given talents. Kudos!

Tricia said...

Oh, the irony of you saying that you were intimidated to sew a tote bag. As I'm reading your blog, I'm noticing things like the quilt on Josephina's bed and thinking that I wish I could sew like you (and had time to sew) Jo, you are an amazing woman!!!

Jo said...

Yes, it is ironic ~ we can all be intimidated by something or someone else. For me it is in the sewing, etc because there are so very many really talented artists out there. I have difficulty finding and matching materials to my liking and it doesn't come naturally for me. Long ago, I decided my work didn't need perfect seams. Otherwise I wouldn't even sew on a button! haha.