Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still Digesting

Yes, I am still digesting...not only breakfast...but the week that was.  Another nephew was born into our family and in our typical family fashion, we took the opportunity to hitch a ride 4 provinces away to go see him!  We had less than a day to get ready and what didn't get ready, got left.  We threw everything into the van and at 11 pm we headed for Alberta.  By 8 am we arrived, had a bathroom break and a little breakfast, then headed for Manitoba.  By 11 pm we were in Manitoba and soon snuggled into a Murphy bed at a good friends home.  Babies would be cuddled in the morning! 

I did manage to snap some pictures and forgot to snap others.  Disappointing, but hey, it was a whirlwind.

Pictures will come, I am just not home to upload anything.

We were all so happy to see relatives again...a niece we hadn't laid eyes upon yet since her April arrival.  A oh so soft nephew newly born.  We got to drink in the sweetness of 5 nephews and 2 little nieces and watch them with "the girls" ~ their older cousins.  God is good.  We feel like we got to experience something extrordinary because we just said YES and went.  I will post soon enough.

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