Monday, September 05, 2011

So I'm a day older, a year wiser...

Another birthday has come and gone...we don't usually do anything spectacular for my hubby or I's b'days ~ partially because he hardly remembers and partially because we don't spend cash. 

Honestly, I was dreading this birthday because I am no longer closer to 30, I am closer to 40.  Yup, me.  The smallest, littlest girl looking one...has wrinkles and is edging up on 40.  Yuck.  I don't consider myself vain, but, well, some things are still tough on the ole' mind.

Birthday presents ~ Chocolate, onion dip, a bunny and money!
Funny birthday presents?  Well, I want a bunny (Mom in law got me a bunny), I wanted food (she also gave me a dip mix), I love chocolate (Mom knows that and girls all got me a bounty bar), and I wanted an instruction manual for a Baby Lock Model 097 Serger that I have in my possession. (This is where the money came in) There is even a little money left over to start saving for either a newer computer, or something like an external hard drive or something?  My computer is super slow and with school starting again, it will only be an extreme frustration trying to do some of the girls projects.

Eating those little cheese and bread stick things

Getting to eat whatever I wanted without any looks of "are you sure
you want to be eating that?"
My Mom and Kate made Rocky Road squares for my day, and I ate 3 pieces with no guilt!

A real bunny "Jelly Bean" on my b'day...wonderful!

Glistening and sweating in the grand stands at the rodeo

A "TEEN BURGER" for an over grown teenager
Came home to lots of Facebook birthday greetings.  Talked to one of my oldest and dearest friends the day before on the PHONE.  All the chickens and dogs were still alive when we got home and bed felt very good!  Being a little older is OK...although sometimes the older I get, the less I know.  So much more to learn and I am loving learning it!

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Caren said...

On September 8 I turned 39 (for real!), so I totally know how you feel! Happy (belated) birthday!