Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Barrier Fall Fair & Rodeo FUN times!

We ventured out early Sunday morning for a leisurely twisty drive to Barriere to take in their Fall Fair and Rodeo.  Gregg and Mei couldn't remember ever having been to one, so this was going to be something special.  Took us awhile to get our bearings, but we had so much fun looking at 4 H animals and other fair exhibits.  Lots of friendly people and lots of really hot and tired dogs.
What's a rodeo without a cowboy and chewing tobacco?

4H sheep projects

Had to go look at all the eggs

Such cute boots on a wee gal

Heavy Horse Log Pull ~ they weave between pylons like a figure 8

These little goats loved to suck on the girls fingers
Lots of OOOO's and AWWWW's



We used to have team roping at our place every Tuesday
I loved their silly fake horns :)

Lots of funny chickens, but the girls thought all ours
looked healthier and more handsome

Baby cross breed Bantam (Japanese and ???)

Dream weaver!

My other dream...get me a little milk goat!

Smallest barrel racer ever!  So amazing.

Mechanical bull ride anyone?

My b'day cake ~ Rocky Road squares ~ slightly melted

Mom was also slightly melted...so she sat on the cooler under
the bleachers and visited with some little girls

My Dad's old profession/hobby ~ yes, he was the best...you may
even call him a champion!  No jokes.

My favorite part ~ watching the bulls

Dad informed us we had a good view point, but if there was a runaway
we'd be baling fast!

"MY" team of Belgiums... they just made it look easy...they
pulled over 7500lbs I think

Friendly man from Holland liked to tease us about
our horse choices~ but I won!
We joked this man could take a picture up the horses nostrils.
He said "ya, it's pretty good".  I'm not jealous...
I'd have to learn how to operate it and it's half my size.
An enthusiastic thumbs up! 
We have decided that we need to come back to the Barriere Fair it was so great ~ family fun!
Adults $12, students $8, age 10 and under FREE.  Lots of food concessions, although no fruit or such.  Thought they'd have pork or beef on a bun...oh well, it was great.  I recommend bringing your own food.  We bought 3 chicken strips and some soggy fries for $10.  They had some good looking Taco Salad there but I don't know the cost.

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