Saturday, September 03, 2011

In a child's mind

I have been having memories of my childhood lately that bring me much joy.  I was remembering a global solution I had to the issue of orphans.  These memories were from my years in Ear Falls Ontario, either before or after my Dad died.  I became aware (probably through church?) of orphans in Africa.  My heart ached for those children without Mommies and Daddies.  I had THE solution.  Picture a little blue eyed blondie ~ that is me.  Picture me at a friend's house for a meal.  Picture same little girl taking a peek into some of the rooms.  If it was "empty" I would think "they could take a child, or maybe 2 even!"  I would look at the food at pot lucks and think of how many more children could eat.  I had certain couples all picked out that I thought would be wonderful parents and would have room for more children.

A very vivid memory I have of these musings was at one of my best friends place.  R had 4 brothers.  She also had her own room with I think a double bed (it was big enough for her and I for sleepovers).  Wouldn't it be nice for her to have a sister?  Yes, yes, that would work.  They had lots of apple sauce to eat, her Mom could sew her pretty dresses and when I came for sleepovers, I could just sleep on the floor!  Oh, and R's Mom could do that curly hair up so nicely and spray it with "final net" to keep it so pretty.  

I had solutions.  I was going to get enough money to go to Africa (wherever that was) and take ALL the children from the orphanage (there was 1 right?) and bring them back and people from our church could take them all!  They could even come to our little school!

This childhood dream has been on my heart for awhile ~ I am praying God will bring me to a place to be able to actually help.

Isn't it funny how a child's solution could actually be a solution?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jo, I love your blog and read it all the time. You were on my heart all last month and especially on Aug. 23rd. I have these dates marked on my calendar every year and think of you all and hold you up in prayer. I'm a day late, and want to with you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Love, Auntie Holly