Thursday, September 29, 2011

A little Craziness...A lot of Happiness!

So what to do when your heart is breaking to hold a new born bundle of love?  What do you do when your being wants to be four provinces away and smell the delicious aroma of a newborns sweet skin?  To touch the indescribable silky skin?

Well, if you are in our just pack up and drive!  We could not ignore the voice in our hearts whispering ~ go! GO! We managed to surprise some of our family members with our arrival to view a brand new fresh-from-the-baby-basket nephew.
With his sweet Mama ~ my sis in law 

Two cousins just 5 months apart!
 This was also our first time beholding the wonder of our niece that was born in April.  We heard she had some personality, but we just saw pure peachy sweetness!
Are we the only ones that just MUST smell their necks?

She loves her jolly jumper attached to the clothesline

She's also good at drooling over it too!

Notice what is in my sis in law's hand?  Yummy desert!

My man with his new poster to drool over

Silly faces eating.  So hard to get them to want to sit still and eat
when there are cousins to play with!

Cute brothers.  One has practice being the elder brother, the
other is new to it ~ 3 boys!

Our youngest, reading to the other cousins.

Cloth diaper bums!

Yes, she likes this!
I have to say I really wish they had such wonderful cloth diapers when I was having children.  No messes on your lap or crazy plastic pants!
Baby snuggles are the best

Want some icecream cones?

A prayer for a sister, a wife and a mother from a brother who loves her.

The oldest from two siblings

We all sorta felt this way

She does not look impressed, but she really did have fun!

1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ WEEEEE

The eldest boy here loves space!  Grandma made him a wall hanging.
They were having great fun with it

Showing some cousins the silly little eggs and green eggs that our chickens lay.

I'm sure this Grandma's heart strings were being pulled here.

My Ruth laying some love on her little cousin

Well, I did a "Jolene" and while I was trying to make conversation with an older nephew, I asked about his room ~ the room his younger brother was sleeping in!  Opps...the positive was that I got a nice long snuggle, but I don't know what his parents got later...

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Deb said...

Very precious photos Jolene! Such beautiful new babies and growing families!! :)