Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer surprise ~ Shamrock Drive In Movie Theatre!

My hubby had a great idea to let our girls have a pretty cool summer time experience... remember those days when "going to a movie" meant the Drive In?    There are not many of them left in our province, just Killarney, Morden and perhaps Dauphin?
So we surprised the girls with a dinner out in Boissevain with Nana & Papa first.

 When we moved from BC, neighbors at "Pearl Meadow" gave us a gift certificate to eat out at Veva's Restaurant in Boissevain.  This would be a great time to make use of the thoughtful gift.
 Great food and the service was amazing!  (Thanks to our great hostess!)
 Then we were off to Killarney!  Gregg and I had been watching the Shamrock's Facebook page to see which movies were playing .  We had planned to take the girls to "Epic" but then we had the roll over.  So now "Despicable Me 2" was playing Sept. long weekend and off we went!

 Keeping a close eye on the clouds and the storm warning forecast!
 Girls still have no idea where we are going (except Kate) and they are curious why we packed lawn chairs, pillows, blankets, water bottles and some snack foods.
 Why are we stopped on the side of the road and Dad is using now as a good time to wash the windshield??
 Rock climbing doesn't seem right... oh wait ... the sign says a movie is playing!
 Ah ha!

 Gregg and I used to court/date at the Brandon Drive In and also the Killarney drive in.  We usually invited some friends and off we went for the whole experience.
 Remember these speakers?  How many people drove away with them still in their windows?  HA!
 Dad was remembering the gut ache he got from all the soda's and licorice he would eat at the Drive In.
There is something very different and unique about the Drive In ~ everyone is relaxed... there are no cell phones, etc or people pushing on your seats, etc.  You don't even mind if someone walks by, or if another vehicles antennae is in your line of view.  Families are having fun.  Those on dates are having fun.  
 Glad we brought the old Honda, girls decided to lay on the roof!

 Why is Dad always so weird?

 The movie is starting!  A nice breeze that kept the mosquitoes away and the rain stayed away until the closing credits!  Perfect timing and the lightening in the background just added to the experience.
 Very happy!
We had a wonderful chat with the new owners.. and yes, they know other Thiessen relatives!  Small world.  They've just welcomed their 8th child, they home educate and they are wonderful hosts!  Gregg even got to see the old projectors!
So if you get the chance... take the drive!  Getting home at 1 am is no big deal :0  This is their last weekend for the season and they have a family movie playing and then a more mature as well.  Find them on Facebook.  So nice to support a family as well and not just a big corporation. The prices are cheaper than Brandon too. Although with the 8 children, their corporation is growing !  Ha ha....
Until next summer...

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