Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The summer of the Farmers Market

Farmer's Market this summer has basically fallen into our laps.  We did the first market just so there would be some vendors there and maybe others would come later.  We did so well and I had so much fun being able to bake again ~ so we continued!

 We have a new goal ~ get to the US and to PEI this fall ~ see friends in Pennsylvania and relatives in New Brunswick! In our family, any funds that Momma or babies can make is what we classify as "extra"...Daddy's money is for boring things (essential things) like food and housing.  Our money gets to be for the little fun things!  So we're working hard  ~ baking, harvesting in the garden (the money I can save us on the grocery bill also helps) and sewing up a holiday!  hee hee.
 Kate made some feather earrings
 Girl do a Lemonade stand each time.  The funds went at first to buy chickens for people in Asia, now it's going to Manitoba families who are adopting children.

 People were lined up to buy fresh produce from the Veggie Wagon

 Afterwards we enjoy a quick dip in the lake ...
...and sometimes a left over cinnamon bun
 Mini pies
 Peanut Brittle
 Parseman Garlic Sticks
 Weather has warmed up enough that we need umbrellas to shield the food.  Now to just get them to stick into the ground and not fall over!
 Girls selling their homemade clips and goodies
 Lots of fresh bread 

 Yup, I was crazy enough to do caramel and candy apples the one week.  Very time consuming, so I didn't actually get as many items made.  Less profits that week, but it was fun to do them.

 The most delicious Caramels ever!  Have to make another batch for this week!

 No eating the Farmer's Market food!
 The making of those delicious caramels ~ another learning curve of using a candy thermometer!
 I never make cinnamon buns in a small way, but this week I actually made some MINI's!

 The mini's sold really well,  but yup, more time consuming once again.

Girls help me with making things pretty.  They also help with all the bagging and tagging of the items we sell.  Still looking for more good ideas of what to make.  We're slowly getting closer to our holiday goal and also supporting some friends who are adopting older children.

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