Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Blu ~ Brandon's New Restaurant

Well, dear hubby and I went out for a date a few weeks ago... decided to do the practical thing and picked some strawberries at Grand Valley Strawberries first.  Then decided to go for a bite to eat.  We were good and hungry and it was somewhat chilly outside even though it was mid July.
We decided on trying the new restaurant (formerly Gullivers) called Blu.
The atmosphere is mainly black modern styling and seemed more of a lounge type, trying to be a higher end lounge.  We did get to sit in a crescent shape booth.
It was freezing cold in there.  I put on my sweater and the server promptly brought me my soup which was good!  I ordered the Chicken Curry soup and Gregg went with a Stuffed Chicken with fresh vegetables plate.
 That is a $24 or $28 plate of food at Blu .  It was bland, Gregg asked for butter and salt and pepper.  The peppers were the most flavorful.  The sprig of rosemary didn't add much flavor.
 This is my $6 bowl of soup.  Taste great, but a few spoonfuls and it was gone.
We were so cold that we didn't want to linger...we quickly paid for our meal and left to warm up.  Our review ~ service was good, but that was it.

So we finished off our date by going for groceries, etc.    At that point we were still pretty hungry, but by 10pm, there is not much available for dining options.  We were told to try Joe Beever's...which we knew was a sports bar, but we thought, "it shouldn't be busy and they said the food is really good".  It was Weds. Wing night after all~   we had a wonderful Saskatoon Spinach salad and wings!  Filled us up and it was good.
BUT ~ it was BUSY ~ why?  "KISS" was in town...

Yup... we got to sit by KISS and eat our wings!  Ha ha.   I didn't go for a picture with him, but we thought it a little funny how some girls went up for quick photo and then he just sat down, drank something and started to check his messages or text or surf online and visit with his wife???  Quite the night life we had that date.  Ha ha.

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