Friday, March 30, 2012

The randomness of life

I'm not feeling organized enough between trips to the Doctor, Dentist and other such stuff... so this is a little of our life in the last few days as we wait for spring to arrive in full force!
Planting Wheat
 We're going to see if we can grow some wheat grass for our chickens just because we want to.
 We got new ponies!  Well, they are plastic...
 Do you know what breed this rooster is?  I don't and would like to ~ please share!
 Do you know what this cow is?  I do, or did... now I forget!  ha ha!
 Waiting for spring
 Meeting new friends and going a little crazy!
 Modelling my lovely gum boots, showing off a new shirt from SMAC and showing off how the snow if FINALLY melting... March 30th!
 My daughter is taking photos
 Oh Look!  More new ponies ~ oh wait, they are stick ponies but will work for practicing
Have a happy day ~ I'm off to finish a long over due baby blanket!

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Heidi Meier said...

Great pictures Jo, I think your rooster is an Americauna, or a Americauna cross. He looks just like the ones that they have at Little Peepers.