Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Belated Home Learners Valentine's Party

Oh yes, I am behind!  I can only upload a certain amount of photos, so here goes a belated Valentine's blog.
Some local home learners opened up their home to us for a wonderful party!  Now, I will not covet her homeschooling room ~ the whole upstairs of the shop!  My dream will someday become a reality!

 Everything was so incredibly organized and done up so beautiful and pretty like ~ we all felt very spoiled!
 Heading to the homeschooling room!
 The boxes to decorate and then fill with Valentines!

Some of the Valentine's were very creative!
We all had a lovely time and were so happy to have someone open up their home like this for a gathering!  It was a lovely day for me too, as my hubby was away and I got to have some visits with some other Mom's while the children played and got to know each other.

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