Friday, October 01, 2010

The last "horrah" or swim of the year...Sept 25, 2010

We have polar bears for children.  It has been cold here for about 3 weeks, drizzling rain and cold.  Except Sept. 25th dawned beautifully warm and due to some begging and "pretty good pleading", we took the girls for one last dip in the lake.
~She doesn't exactly look cold ~

Getting up the nerve!
 It must be chilly to get any sort of reaction out of this tough girl!
Daddy braved it for awhile too!

Warmin' up!
My cutie!
A little smarter than the rest, she just waded in and tried to find treasures!
Took the opportunity to clean up the dog's eyes.
 AHHH relief!
Someone played a joke and left 8 bra's on the trail...we thought we'd just clean them up.

EWWW gross!

Came home to a dead chicken, so we dissected the problem.  She had a small puncture wound that got infected into her crop area and it was smelly and gross.  Good bait for the wolves.

Perfect Cariboo sunday... ha ha!

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