Sunday, October 03, 2010

Walking in the beauty of fall

Sept. 19th dawned so beautifully warm and golden that we decided to take a little drive (look familar?) and enjoy some back woods exploring.  We ate "Spitz" and walked and giggled and found treasures and took some impromptu pictures while trying to capture the splendor and sheer wonder of God's world as it turns to fall.

One day Mei saw one of these cute little things scampering across the yard and in her excitement all she could sputter was "look!  A... a... a chip squirrel!"

Gregg taking a peek in the ice house?

Signs of life long ago...

Mei with her little egg shell treasures!

No cowgirl is without her "Spitz"

Yes, they are doorknobs!  Kate found this old sign and it was wonderful gut fun!

These two are dangerous...giggles and frollicing and pure silliness all the time!

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Kimberly said...

Every season has its beauties but there's something truly glorious about fall, isn't there? I love that we're getting a longer taste of it than usual this year. Long walks, daily baking, and hours of just drinking in the beauty of it doesn't get much better than this!