Friday, September 24, 2010

A little ray of sunshine or hope...?

Well, most of you know that we are selling our home and all that junk.  It has turned into a bit of a hassle and uncertainty that is extremely draining emotionally.  Today was one of those days.  Bills are stacking up and as of Oct. 1st we need to start paying another big bill.  We thought the house would've been sold and that bill would've been paid off.  God is definately teaching us many things ~ long suffering, patience, all those things.
I was reading in Phillipians about  "...but in everything, with prayer and supplication, make your request be known unto God"  So I thought "what is the definition of supplication?  God, I'll look that up tomorrow".
SUPPLICATION: to entreat earnestly, to address in prayer
ENTREAT:  To ask earnestly, to beg for
BEG: ask for alms, to ask earnestly, to beseech. 
BESEECH: to entreat, to implore, to beg, to pray earnestly for
EARNEST: intent, sincere, serious

SO, does that mean I can BEG God earnestly, seriously, beseeching God in all His power to make a way for us to sell one of these properties and get out of debt?  I take that verse as a big YES!

We were needing some encouragement, so God sent us some funny stuff again.
Here is something we found on the way home at the "Share Shed"

And this was in my mail...right next to the mastercard least I can eat some granola bars while I pay my bills!  ha ha

Sorry the computer brain farted again and won't upload the pictures in the right way.
God has a sense of humor, a plan, and a way for us...sometime He may let us in on it.  For now, I will enjoy the free granola bars and the dresser that Kate needed.


Kimberly said...

Kashi granola bars are the best. Especially the pumpkin ones. Mmm...

Beautiful post. I love the joy that can be found in seeing His hand in our lives, even in the small things we might otherwise take no notice of.

Kimberly said...

p.s. Hope you don't mind - I found you through your comment on Candace's Facebook event page. Always nice to meet local gals with similar values. =)