Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Half way to 70

So another birthday has come and gone.  I was sick again.  Nothing much happened.
 I put my hair in pig tails to prove I was still a child inside.
Still in my PJ's, hopped up on Tylenol Cold & Sinus and fevered to boot!

A few days later, I was feeling a little better and had my twice annual hair cut appointment.  Stopped off at the Share Shed's on our way to town and couldn't resist taking a pic of these lovely red neck fenders.

First time getting my hair cut in BC ~ "Rose" was wonderful and I think she gave me a nice cut.  I told her the problem areas others with her expertise had encountered on my mane.  We used my DQ Birthday coupons for blizzards.

My eldest, wearing my circa 1984 A & W hat, the shirt we found at SMAC ~ In DQ of course!
We like to be ourselves and express our individuality!

Forever Frugal ~ we asked for the empty mini blizzard cup so she could share the cheaper-by-size-medium Cookie Dough with her "bestest buddy"

After her digestive enyzmes, this gal was ready to dig in!

Sadly, this was the best picture of me with my new hair do and eating a beloved treat...ha ha

And of course my children thought that was funny ~ or that I am worth laughing at!  ha ha
We gave our change to the girls to donate to the Children's Wish Foundation (I think) and some of the coins sure spun around forever.  A good time for a good cause.
My gifts...some much needed new Oven Mitts from a sweet sis/bro in law (they even have grippers on them), the last cook book for my series "Icebergs & Beluga's" and Dymond Lake seasoning from a sweet Mom in law, the crockpot from my Mom and myself (don't ask what happened to the other one from a different birthday...ha ha)

Now why is it that we women tend to get kitchen related presents?  Well, it is practical, and I do use them lots and it is annoying and dangerous to burn yourself without proper oven mitts.  It was a nice haul and I am happy to use my new things.

My inlaws did some work for these people at their Northern lodge past Churchill, MB Canada.  They have great recipes that always turn out and recipes for "weird" things, like moose, elk, deer, grouse, etc. too!

They also make their own seasoning blend, which is wonderful on potatoes!  yum yum!
Once I was feeling well enough to cook, I made "skinny pancakes" (crepes, german pancakes) with all the trimmings!  Fresh whipped cream, peach sauce, blueberry-raspberry sauce, plum sauce, or plain butter and syrup or peanut butter and syrup.  So yummy, so good, so wonderful!

A sticky gooey mess, that I did NOT have to clean up afterwards ~ a good belated birthday to me!

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