Thursday, September 02, 2010

First time Thiessen type BC gathering...

Since moving to BC, we have not entertained many people...or larger groups of people.  Who better to use as quinee pigs than your relatives?  So 21 relatives braved our yard for an impromptu gathering.

Borrowed my Dad's homegrown BBQ for the special occassion!
One of the younger members, enjoying a hot dog.  I saw the bun later on placed neatly in the cup holder.

A poor excuse for any sort of a sandbox ~ the leftover gravel from digging up the sewer...yikes.
Brothers ~ The one who fixes teeth and the one who will fix just about anything else
I do love this picture.  Uncle had just made a joke about how his sister ruined his meal with the bun she made ~ he no longer had room for desert!  Ha ha...doesn't he know by now there is ALWAYS room for desert!
Kate did a short Quad Demo with the younger ones ~ it was fun fun fun!

First time driving for this cousin

The old wagon we pulled out of a dumpster was a big hit!

Walking the path to the local lake... showing off our countryside

Sitting down at a neighbours dock, wetting line, enjoying a good time!

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