Monday, August 23, 2010

So full of memories today

There are some days that just don't "go by" is one of them.  August 23, 1993 changed my life forever.
I saw my sister and her finance in my apartment in Winnipeg.  I lent her a picture frame to use at the guestbook table and warned her "be careful with that, I got that from someone special " (her) and gave her a hug and actually said "I love you". (not so common for us to say that)
They walked away and that is my last memory of her.  She was killed when a truck ran a stop sign and ran into their car travelling highway speed.  She survived a few hours, but there was nothing the Doctors could do.
I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to my Dad on my apartment intercom "jo, it's your Dad"...I lost my feet for a minute.  I thought Crystal (my sis in law) had lost the baby (she was due any day) but knew it had to be bad if my parents were at my house in the middle of the night.
Shock kicked in and I picked out a dark dress for the funeral that would come.
Life would never be the same and the rest of that year was a blur.

I am thankful for friends and family that understood and were just there.
I am thankful for many good memories of sisterhood.
I am thankful to be able to experience some of those sisterhood moments through watching my three girls.

Seize the day.  Don't forget to tell those you do love that YOU LOVE least once in awhile, those words may be your last to them.  No regrets.
Troy, Tina Mae, Jolene Imbery

Tina's grade 12, Jo's grade 10, in sweaters Grandma Unger knit us.
We both really enjoyed that year being at MCI together...lots of sneaking over to the other sister's dorm room for sleepovers!  I remember her doing my makeup in the bathroom and puffing my hair up so we would look more alike....ha ha!
Tina's Columbia Bible College Photo from 1992?  Tina and Jo at Grandparents.

Days like today I wish I had my photo albums instead of them being in storage three provinces away.

So today, as with each anniversary, I will send a card to someone I love to let them know it.  I think it's a good tradition.  Love is never wasted, it only grows the more you give it away.

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CAT said...

Jo, this is a beautiful post, and I love your tradition. What a wonderful way to honor your sister, and to remember to show love while you can. Thank you for sharing from your heart.