Saturday, August 21, 2010

Partnering with God in a bountiful harvest!

This summer my wonderful hubby (with a little help from me) shovelled about 35 truck loads of extremely wet 6 year old cow manure into a prepared raised bed garden ~ all for ME!

Preparing the ground, removing sod, so that hopefully no grass grows up and also more moisture can come up and down through the dirt.

Our little dog was after a Marmot...he almost dug to China!

The filling begins after the logs were placed around.

Can you see the beads of sweat?  My hubby tilled the whole thing with a tiller we found at the "Share Shed"
It was so moist, it was tough work.
Looked like a swimming pool of dirt...very deep and lush!

Girls removing rocks...they were more than happy to help when the quad was around!
At first I wasn't sure how much would grow as it was the middle of June when it all got planted...but WOW...God blessed with abundance!

Summer savory, herbs, onions...
The calendula flowers I thought were almost dead...definately are thriving.  I've picked and dried a big ziploc bag full already.  Trying my hand at making some lotion later on.

Sugar snap peas...yum yum
My very own Cabbage Patch kid! 
Now that is one big cauliflower!  Made some soup today, super yummy and froze the rest of it.
Picked about 1/4 of the row of Summer Savory, bunched it up to hang and dry.

I am wondering how I'm going to "do up" all this wonderful produce as my freezer is small and almost full already!  God is so good to grow this all for me!

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