Thursday, May 20, 2010

Part 2 Life of a Renovator...

In order to survive a major renovation when you are living in the home, you must be prepared for some craziness...such as...
~dead batteries~
~breakfast on a new deck~

~ eating your free box of sugar junk cereal on said new deck~

~eating on make shift tables, whenever, wherever~

Sharing perogies with friends while having an indoor picnic

~then being prepared to wrangle the child that ate the aforementioned sugar junk!

Be prepared for children to use your paint drop clothes for other purposes!
Be prepared to offer food and take food from others while eating on the floor
~ to take your tea on the piano bench ~
~ to enjoy spur-of-the-moment family gatherings
~to share a snack at 1 AM with your sweetie who is starting to look like Grizzly Adams~
Grabbing the internet connection whenever you can.  Here I am advertising our house for sale.
Watch your children find new uses for your disposable latex gloves.  This is a cow milking station!
Kids get a little bored of raking leaves, but burning them is more fun.
Be prepared to swallow your pride when friends show up to help on your final day and you offer them water in a measuring cup ~ and they just giggle and drink!
Hard working yard clean up crew!  Makes good byes hard, but the moment sweet!
Spontaneous picnics are fun

Be prepared for your girls to find new uses for your ropes.  Here Mei is in her swinging chair.
Be happy to sleep wherever, whenever you can.  Even if it means in the middle of a living room, with no curtains and with an edge sander screaming away.  Daily we just shook out our blankets and fell asleep!
Be prepared to break your own personal record for longest and most painful sliver.  1.5 inches long!

~ to trust your 12 year old to clear coat the floor with you.  Not once, but 3 times on each floor.
Then also trust same child to prepare meals safely while her father is still in the house!  ha ha!
~ relax and goof around when you can...which is not often! Be thankful for the friends that show up and let you be the recepient of their many decorative talents!  Thanks Ronalyn Art!
Be prepared to shed some tears as you look at your baby bed and remember all your sweet memories  

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