Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The crazy life....the life of a renovator!

This post has been delayed due to getting pictures uploaded, so here it is.

If you know me, I do like to plan or at least have some sort of idea of what my life requires of me...I did NOT think this one out so clearly.  Maybe that was my blessing in disguise.  I just knew that I wanted to be with my honey as we renovated our home to sell and our family to be together.  We were definately together and if a happy that works together stays together, then we will!  ha ha

We arrived the beginning of March in Manitoba to a few feet of snow blocking our path to the entrance of the house.  So I got shovelling.  The heaters had all been cranked up in the house so it was steamy warm (poor hydro bill).  We unloaded tools, etc and paints that were temperature sensitive and then headed to friends for the next few nights. 

Looking at what needed to be done and where to start...
some before photos, or at least when we had just started out.

Bathroom after old "barker board" removed.             Ruth and Mei's pink & purple room, floor scrapped.
Kate's green room, painted subflooring.              Middle area upstairs with wallpaper on drywall...stuck!

So I started some priming, etc and then went for my "girls weekend" AKA Stepf's Wedding Fun and came home to this...my toilet and sink were outside.  A little miscommunication, but we made do....poor Mei will dislike me for these next posts!  Roll with the punches they say?!

Father and son work in the tiny bathroom ~ J. the drywall king
When you renovate, there is no such thing as "personal space"...

Now this was exciting...for me!  This huge cord went across our bedroom ceiling like a giant umbilical cord.  It was hideous.  It took the better part of a day to do the wiring properly, but oh so nice to not stare at it!
I would catch Gregg doing this constantly...the fir flooring has soooo many slivers.
Found Gregg's teenage cool dude shirt in the rag bag...

Do I ever learn?  This time I returned from town with supplies and had to stradle what was left of the deck.
The nice weather also brought out the bees...1000's of them!  They love MDF sawdust.

Getting the borrowed paint sprayer ready and working around the SNOW

This is what a real working kitchen looks like.  Fuctional, not pretty.

Renovators replace kitchen windows after dessert and even if your company is watching!
...and use cheap labor...
Part 2 later

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