Sunday, May 09, 2010

Going in a new direction

When we moved to BC we had no real idea of what our life would look like in 2 years, 5 years...whatever.  We just knew God wanted us moved.  So we did.  We thought living on the Canyon Ranch yard site near my folks would be temporary.  So I have not really put down any so called "roots", as tearing up roots is extremely difficult and not what I call a good time.  Now may be the time to start putting down some roots, maybe just even for my sanity's sake, so I will try.

Gregg had been travelling to Calgary and back for work with his Dad doing renovations and gaining experience in that field while he took a break from nursing.  He loved it, but the travelling and being apart was getting dumb and boring.  So we were looking at perhaps moving closer to Calgary and partnering up with his Dad on some more projects and flipping some houses, etc.  WELL, we we introduced to something else very intriguing.  There was to be a public meeting at 70 Mile House, so we went.  It was for  They are a local company that has a new concept on building log homes.  100 Mile House is the log house capital, so why not?  This new idea intrigrates post and panels  (patented and TM pending) together to give a great log frame look on the inside and outside of the house, but then options for siding, drywall, wood etc.  The cost is very comparible to a regular stick frame house, so very affordable and the house up to lock-up stage only takes about 4-7 days.  It is very exciting and we can see a very real demand for this type of product around here.  It makes the log home affordable for the regular middle class and for people like my Mom, you can have drywall walls inside!  WIN WIN WIN!  SO, Gregg is accepted on with the company in sales/marketing and is now trying to wrap his head around what exactly that means.
The 1st show home is drawn up and waiting for the engineer's stamp of approval and they will start construction on it soon.  This 1st house will be done a little more hands on, as all the equipment for the whole factory has not been purchased yet.  There are a lot of developers waiting and excited about the product and what it can offer.  The options are endless for design concepts, unlike traditional log homes.
The company "Trinity" has been approved for RRSP and TFSA investments and also a BC gov't investment kick back.  The BC gov't has been encouraging people to invest in BC business, so they offer a 30% "rebate" type thing.  It was lots of paperwork to get this approval, but very exciting...afterall, buying equipment costs money! 
So, that is our new direction.  Gregg is at a home show today with Trinity and showing off a sample of the concept.
 Please pray for us.  Pray our house in Manitoba sells so we no longer have a mortgage payment.  One of our old cars also broke down yesterday, so we need to get rid of it and perhaps find Gregg another commuter car.  Right now finances are tight as we wait for everything to come together.  I know God's timing is obviously not my timing, but we really want to be debt free fast.


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