Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is Real Life?

I am sitting around today.  My head is hurting.  My lips are cracking, perhaps swollen and feeling like sandpaper.  My right side of my neck is painful and swollen as well.  At least my tummy doesn't feel like returning it's food.  I am thinking about little bits of life in general...little bits, here and there.  In no peticular order.
1.  I want to start cutting out that quilt for wee Alex, but it's so hard to commit to a pattern.  Decide to make a deadline of it today.

2. Christmas presents for cute neices and nephews.  I now have 4 nephews, 5 neices and one ? on it's way.  So I am looking at what was bought for the younger ones ... thinking, "will their parents approve?"  "was this a waste of money?"  "will they just throw it away?"   I've decided to give it because we wanted to give it, and they can do as they please with it, and I'll try my hardest to be OK with that.  They are cute kids.

3.  Where oh where to go and stay and play and have fun on a family vacation to the Pacific Coast of BC?  Search around on google for way too long, now my eyes are tired, my head aches more, and I have lots of info, with no decisions made.  At least I have more info.  Think about learning styles:  how much my learning style NEEDS information to make a decision, but has a hard time making decisions because we always think we just may have missed something that would have been EVEN BETTER!!!
Decide, I need to relax.

4.  Going to make meatballs tonight.  That will be yummy.  Decide that is a good decision.  Girls will love me.

5.  Wonder why humanities tendancies are to make everything look better than it may be?  Why do we franctically run around cleaning up when someone drives into the yard unannounced?  Why do we post only the pictures where our behind's don't look fat.  Why do we want to see the ones where someone else's behind looks fat?  Just to make ourselves feel better about what?  Decide this is so dumb.  I'm not buying into it.  My house is the way it is.  Because I am the way I am.  I will make you tea, make you cookies or muffins and we will sit and chat and perhaps fold that laundry or dry those dishes.  Then we'll continue to enjoy our moments together.
Decide: my goal is to make my blog to be more real-to-life.  Life does have extreme UPS and Down's and everything inbetween.

Today I am inbetween.  I am still in my pj's...waiting for 2 little bathing beauties to exit the bathtub so I can get in myself.  My head hurts, I will drink more tea and apply more lip moisturizer.  That is real life. Today. For me.

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