Saturday, November 14, 2009

A country bicycle ride

It was the last day Gregg would be home for 2 weeks, so the girls wanted to go for a bicycle ride.  Out came our bikes and we were off!  You may want to know that this is in November, thus the outerwear!

Mei is still using trainingwheels (thanks Uncle Troy for spending hours fitting them on!) but they hardly touch the ground anymore.  The one detriment of ranch roads is the cattle have two options...pick up speed and fly across, or stop and walk your bike over.

Ruth decided this was scarier, so she opted to fly across the rest.  Mei's training wheels don't allow for that, so rather than risking some broken bones, we drag her bike across.

The "neigbours" dog, Meka, a cousin or sister to my Dad's dog was very excited to have some entertainment.  Mei and I had turned back earlier, so we stopped for a peppermint break (see the pink one in her mouth) and to give Meka some attention.  Bad dog wouldn't go home...hummm wonder why?

We took a lot of video, but I don't know if I can upload that kind of stuff.
We were very proud of our girls, going up and down a fairly large gravel hill, mastering using the brakes, etc was a big thing for Mei.  Next summer we see ourselves doing a lot of this kind of thing.  Nice when the kids are all at an age where this sort of thing is possible without a "baby".  Our life has definately moved onto another stage, and it is a good thing.  We will have so much more time to spend doing family activities before our oldest leaves the nest...yikes!  It was sad to leave the baby phase, then the toddler, but never sad to leave the diaper phase!  ha ha

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