Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The most wonderful dream!!!

You know the dreams where you just never want to wake up?  The kind that give you an overwhelming feeling of love, peace, joy and happiness?  I HAD ONE!  I do not get these often, most often I am saving the world and wake up so tired.

Last night...

My dream included my three daughters, so that was a bonus.  BUT I was getting married.  The part of my brain that was still making sense, thought "oh no, Gregg is dead"...but NO, he was my bridegroom!  I was marrying my beloved all over again.  Gregg had given me cash to go and purchase a wedding dress, get my hair, nails, everything done!  I was so excited! I was in a huge huge glamorous "mall" with fancy shops full of beautiful gowns.  And I would get to try them on!  One dear friend, Stepf, flew quickly to wherever I was and helped girls were there occassionally and helping their Mommy get beautiful.  I tried on a brillant deep blue gown, then a deep rich red one, and a white one with a little black edging on it....oh they were so beautiful...I can hear the rich fabric rustling in my head as I type!

I woke up feeling very special, very precious, very loved and almost feel healed....
God is good.

Today 15 years ago, my beloved asked me to be his own...and I say YES YES YES .... forever YES!

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