Friday, November 20, 2009

Seven little girls...

Well ok, one of us is over 30, but the rest are little girls.  They are sitting in a row wearing their Little House on the Prairie-type PJ's, watching "UP" and eating popcorn.  Tonight each our my three girls has a friend over for a sleepover.  My youngest daughter, MEI,  often gets "the short end of the stick" on friendships, she doesn't have many girls around her age.  In 2003, our little town gave birth to only 2 girls...then 1 more moved in..thank goodness!  Poor Mei always had play dates where she got hit and had to share her toys, etc and has never really had a bosom buddy.  She does have one little cousin close to her age that she loves to see, but now we are three provinces heart sometimes aches for her and I wonder if she will know how to make good friendships.  God is bigger than my concerns though!

SO, tonight we have a friend for all.  Hopefully tonight they actually sleep and I get some sleep.  Last night I had that little Mei in bed with me while her two older sisters had friends sleeping over upstairs.  It was very warm and very cuddly...Mei and I.  She does not snore!  yeah!

I promised breakfast in bed, so I better deliver...

Good night to all, we can sleep when we're dead right?

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