Friday, October 18, 2013

Mei's 10th Birthday Celebration Pinata fun!

"I've always dreamed of having a Pinata at my Birthday ~ well, ever since I knew of Pinata's" ~ Mei

 So we blew up the biggest and heaviest balloon we had (Thank you Dollar Store for the helium quality balloon) and proceeded with applying the mixture of flour and water ( 1 cup water to 1/2 cup flour) and strips of newspaper.  We let it dry, so applied 3 more layers before doing plain white paper.
THRIFT NOTE:  Cost approx $1 to make, but you still need to fill with your choice of candy, etc.

 Leave a hole around the balloon tie so that you can pop it and also fill it up with goodies!  We would have liked to have done a few more layers, but we ran out of time.
 Get the older sister to climb her reading tree and tie up the Pinata
 Let everyone get a crack at it once if you like to be fair
 The one that did it in ~
 The best part is the scramble for the goodies afterwards!

We just glued on some leftover streamers on the Pinata.  We thought of painting it, but again, time was a'wasting away on us.  We filled it with candies and balloons.

I've decided to break up this Birthday post a bit, so will leave you with thoughts of sugar junk :)
Below is a link to a great cookbook that our girls have used for their party planning.  I have posted before on the wonderful Meringues on the front cover.  Naturally Gluten Free too!  We haven't regretted purchasing this book at all.  Recipes for Hummus, Potato Wedges, Bruschetta, Couscous, Salads, Spring Rolls, Skewers, Burgers, Butternut Squash Soup, Mango Pops, Fondants, Shortbreads, Cordials, etc etc.  They have wonderful photos and step by step instructions as well.  Not your average childrens cookbook!
All proceeds from Amazon sales through my blog go to helping adopting families in Manitoba...Click below for more info on the cookbook, or to browse Amazon.

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