Friday, October 18, 2013

Mei's Birthday Party Part 2 ~ Decorating and a Fondant Cake

The best part about parties is doing the decorating.  Inviting a friend over to help you makes it even better.

 Thrift Note: Michael's craft store in Manitoba often has big bins outside marked $0.50...we found everything we needed for decorating with a theme from invitations to party favors there.
 Slipped this photo in of the birthday girl getting her breakfast in bed...and yes, her night shirt was hinting to the same!
 She insisted on a store bought cake mix, so her cake would be very tiny.  Not a bad thing, then you don't have to eat leftover cake for days on end.  I added some raspberry jam in between the 2 layers to help it stick together and to give it a bit more flavor.
 Made up a simple butter cream frosting to apply all over the cake before the fondant.  I used this recipe and you can easily half or double the recipe Butter Cream Frosting Recipe
 We had never made a fondant icing before and our cake baking friend was not available.  Another friend told us about Marshmallow fondant.  Sounded pretty good, so we used this Marshmallow Fondant Recipe
 The only thing we did a little mess up on was the amount of marshmallows.  The grams/oz are not the same, so in Canada, we need about 1 1/2 bags of mini marshmallows.  It was obvious when we started to mix it ~ it was still crumbly.  I simply warmed up more marshmallows and added them in.  Great results and it rolls out so nicely.  I sprayed a little oil on the table and that was it!
 Used our pizza cutter to trim the fondant around the bottom, then used our fingertips to shape the rest.
We thought it looked like a little hat
Our first Marshmallow Fondant Icing Cake

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