Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rabbit Hutch Palace

Our bunnies live in a palace.  Our girls are jealous.  The bunnies are very very happy...wouldn't you be if you had such deluxe accommodations?
First... meet Lucy...
and Molly (she has the most adorable chubby cheeks ever!)
Now my dear husband found this hutch for free in a little town south of us. His Dad just happened to be working in that town and he had a large empty trailer.  We did have to get my cousins to run over and help him load this heavy beast, but it was very worth it.  We're planning a little "Thank You" for them, but otherwise this wonderful hutch was free.  Pays to watch online classifieds!
The rabbit hutch Palace

Two side doors open up for feeding, play time, and cleaning.
Made out of someone's dismantled decking material, this thing weighs more than you think.
Side of winterized area, notice the handles

Both sides opened up, one is for feeding and playing, the other is their winterized pen and bathroom facilities.

Underneath, shade and room to run

Side with a removable tray for easy cleaning and composting of all that good fertilizer.
I've been adding the manure to my compost and straight into my garden and flower bed as well.
We put a bunch of grass clippings in to see if they would 1. lay in it 2. poop in it. 
 Well...they do the latter.
They love carrots and we are having a much better time with these two little sisters.  We have learned how to "immobilize" them by picking them up behind their hips and holding them on their backs.  They do just seem to have better temperaments, perhaps partially because they have so much space and don't feel the need to "protect" it and bite us.
Nothing sweeter than sitting outside with my tea and watching these little sweeties.
 We have let the girls take the bunnies into the little play house so they can have some play time.  It also helps get little people used to them and not afraid.

 Sometimes they'll even reach out and give them a pat.
 More views of the hutch and the downstairs ramp....they are so fun to watch 
racing up and down it!
 They are still small enough to enough the little orange igloo as well.
 Girls are no longer afraid to reach in to pet the bunnies either.  We've found they are easier to love when their food has run out and they LIKE you!
 Molly biting off bits of a carrot and munching down.
 Lucy eating some alfalfa pellets.  She has some fun grey coloring as well, so we'll see how she grows up.
Molly is the most timid, but here she is sitting with Mei and still munching that same carrot.

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Anonymous said...

Cute bunnies! We just got a bunny too and it has been super fun for our kids. You got a great deal on your rabbit hutch. We bought one at that is similar to yours and it really is a bunny palace! :)