Friday, April 05, 2013

Easter Celebrations 2013 Part 1

Easter celebrations to our family are not just about bunnies and eggs.   We have always celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, knowing what He did for us. We have always enjoyed a little egg hunt with the children.  This year we ended up having 3 different ones with 3 sides of our families.

 The first one was held in our yard, with some nieces and nephews and our good friend's 2 little girls.

 It was a little chilly, but it was still fun climbing over the mounds of snow....
 going through tunnels
 and then we unleashed the children to look for their names or "letters" on their treats
 Found some sugar sprinkles and decorations!
 Stickers, silly putty and finger flashy things
 We had to dig paths throughout the backyard to even make this possible.  
 Found a tiny bunny
 The girls said I had to include this silly photo.  He was being adorable and would close his eyes while he bobbed the balloons up and down.
 The children are getting old enough to play games like UNO together
 Others like the shelves of books
 and still others like playing with the games
 Making new friends while warming up with hot chocolate (super sweet hot chocolate I might add)
 These little girls were so good with Cocoa, they would play with his chewy toys and giggle when he'd run after it.
Kate also found out that you get little cuddlers when you have technology going.

I didn't get any good photos of the older kids AKA Gregg's siblings with their Million bunny bucks they found in the trees.  Hope it was tasty as I'm sure the cheque would have bounced at the bank!

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