Friday, April 05, 2013

Easter Celebrations 2013 Part 2

Part 2 of our journey was the Royal Canadian Winter Fair in Brandon Manitoba.  I hadn't been to this fair either since I was a girl or when Kate was a baby.  So, a long time.  Gregg couldn't remember ever going!  We did go every year and I remember going out to Pizza Hut for lunch/supper, then wandering around the displays, entering free draws and watching chicks hatch out of an incubator.

 The first building we went into had a little show of some of the Super Dogs doing disc demonstrations.
 This dog had been in a movie, but we can't remember which one now.
 Look who got picked to throw a disc to the dogs!
 So proud of her ~ we came home with a pet friendly throwing disc to train our dog!

 Then off to displays... the girls had 1 finger nail painted
 and Daddy bought them the nail kit to do designs!
 Had to stop and get a massage!
I actually sat in one of those big 15 minutes massage chairs and wow, I was relaxed after that!
 Having some packed lunch while we watched the Super Dogs

 So much fun watching these dogs and thinking "our dogs could do that!"
 It's more fun whenever Nana & Papa are along

 always have to include a couple photo, except my man always tries to get a kiss in... don't I look durp?
 Kate was excited to watch the horse jumping.  A lot were from BC!  $18, 000 prize money.
 This is the happy face after a very traumatic day for Mei.  She put her purse down somewhere in the display areas and we couldn't find it.  Lots of tears and finally realizing that she may have blessed someone else with her special ocean whale wallet and money.   Imagine how we all felt when 5 hours later we got a call from the office that the SUNRISE Credit Union had turned her purse in!
.... yup... she promptly went and bought a build a bunny and build a giraffe !  haha
 Why a picture of our gourmet breakfast?
Nana & Papa took our children home after the fair and we had some couple time.
It was a wonderful time to reconnect to our dreams for the future and do some financial, spiritual, life planning type stuff.  Plus we watched movies until 3 am!  Just because we could!
We highly recommend this to every couple at least once a year.

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