Monday, March 04, 2013

First Visit to my folks

So everyone is curious where my folks have ended up ~ this is their new rental home for the time being.  Perfectly suited for their needs right now.  It is within walking (better yet, horse riding) distance to their South 1/4 land.  They are still in the decision phase of building/buying/moving on a house, etc for their property.

We went for a long weekend and really enjoyed ourselves.  The place is very bright and cheery and has a nice fireplace to cozy up to.

 Notice some things never change, like the silliness factor

 Kate is taking a photography course, but her subjects were not always cooperative
 Something doesn't belong here, one of these things is not the same.... la lala
 Walking down the lane
 Best in Show and Best of Breed
 The landlord after he checked his traps
 Walking through some of the trails, you can get a clear picture as what the countryside looks like

 The horses are housed temporarily at my Uncles farm

 Ain't he sweet?  My Aunt's little lovies.
 Out for a fish fry with at the Metis community hall
 Got to visit with my Mom's oldest sister and her husband.  They used to take us to Brandon and we'd have a Big Mac... ooh the memories!
 Camp Koinonia 

 opps, lost one!
 Ever so helpful grandchildren, filling up the wood box.  They took 1 or 2 sticks at a time, the goofs!
Made sure Duchy could still pull the sled

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