Saturday, March 02, 2013

Catch up time

I'm trying out the blog again, seeing if things will post using a different way of loading the photos.
IT WORKED!  So this post isn't real organized, but here it is ~

A little taste of the new land we have moved back to ~ the PRAIRIES
We've been busy motoring about

Catching fish
Reverting to childhood antics with siblings

Greeting new nephews into the world
Painting nails with our bestest best people
Busy acting out hand drawn pictures...
and then feeling our age
Reading to nieces

Looking out my kitchen window as I do dishes
Then the other kitchen window as I sip some hot tea
Looking out my front door, marveling at my beautiful girls

Landscape from the Thiessen home farm land
Having some difficulties getting the ole' car running though
Busy with chickens...

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