Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moved Hen & Chicks with other Hens & Chicks

How confusing is that title?!?!

We had 2 hens hatch out and then about 2 weeks later had 1 other hen hatch out 10 chicks.  Well, she was a little testy with the others and very protective.  So we stuck her in a dog house and put up a piece of board so she or the chicks would stay apart from the others, but still see and hear them.  Our hope and prayer was that we'd be able to integrate them in with the rest.  The other 2 hens were sorta mothering together and all was well...
 She has these 2 little light yellow with fuzzy feet chicks...we're pretty sure they are the ISA Brown/Buff Orpington crossed with the Dark Brahma.  Then she has 6 little brown Partridge Cochin and a few may be Silkie/Cochin.  Then 2 little black and grey chicks from our black bantam hen.
We love how fluffy they get when they walk around their babies.  All is well, they are mingling very nicely together ~ Praise the Lord!

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, I love seeing pictures of hens with their chicks. I was always around chickens growing up, but I can't have them where I live...village code. Thanks for giving me a peek into yours.