Friday, April 20, 2012

Can't believe it ~ my Mom is turning 60?

How can that be?  My Mom never acts her age.  Mom never looks her age.  I love my Mom, she's so silly and so full of life and energy that she puts me to shame.  Well, that is a saying, she never shames me of course...she's a good Mom.

So, I'm trying to surprise my Mom, she never gets to read my blog, so I get to put it out here ~ so everyone...SHHHH.

Many years ago, in the early 80's, Mom cut out some strips of material for a Log Cabin quilt.  She didn't get it put together, so in the early 2000's, I put the top together.  Thanks to Oak Lake quilters for showing me how!  Now, we were going to hand quilt it together in the cool winter days, all snug and warm by the fireplace...well, it didn't happen either.  What DID happen was time ticking by and Mom getting older by the minute!  MY OH MY!

 Can you see how thrilled she is with her daughter for taking so many pictures when we do things?
 Here she really is happy with her daughter...I bought her something for her flower bed
 She even thinks this scruffy dude is A OK.
Now back to the it is on my bed, just before I realized that the backing I bought was TOO SMALL!  UGH!  I had to buy all new backing.  Not our favorite color, but it will work out just fine.
 I phoned an Auntie who is a quilting queen around here and got a referral to someone who machine quilts for others!  TA DA!  I dropped the quilt off and it is being worked on as I type and do other fun things like sew aprons....boy, I'm being productive!
The dear lady in Williams Lake who is quilting this for me charges $2.50 sq ft.  There are over 60 sq ft of quilt here and I thought it would be neat to have friends dedicate a sq ft, but Dad says not to ask to money... ah it's good how some things never change.  So I'm hoping Mom gets at least 60 cards for her b'day.  So whoever is reading this and knows Mom, her B'day is just before Mother's Day.  You can comment on this if you need an address to send it to!
Can't wait to surprise her with this!
UPDATE ~ That quilting lady is an Energizer Bunny ~ she had the quilt done on Saturday already!  Now to pick it up somehow and finish the binding!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea Jolene,I would love to send a card and I would love to send some money to help with the quilt please send me your address.
Thanks Bea
I dont blog so send it to my facebook wall

Cathy said...

Sweet post :) Happy Birthday Trudy!! I don't think she's aged a day since we used to come play at your house. You have a beautiful mom Jo.