Thursday, December 09, 2010


I have posted before on our travelling adventures and how we travel "Thiessen style".  Our latest trip was very similar, just started off a little differently.  My dear hubby had been in Vancouver on a business trip on Monday and arrived home just after midnight.  He decided the weather was not looking good for travelling through the mountains and that we should rise early to beat it.  So the alarm rang out with it's weird East Indian tunes (the only station we get lately, we can't understand a thing but it seems to be a lot of chanting) at 3 A M.  Yes, 3 A M.  Both my hubby and I didn't get a lot of sleep, but we had to unpack the van from the business trip, then repack up all our things.  A little stressful trying to remember everything this trip, as Christmas presents were involved.  I only forgot 1 thing, so not too bad!
By 6 am we were on the road and happy to enjoy a tail wind and clear roads the whole way.
We always pack snacks and sandwiches for the trip and made our regular stops in Salmon Arm BC along the way.  First, the DeMille's Farmer's Market type place (girls run off to see the animals) and we bought some local fruit, etc.
Second, off to the Wholesale club and picked up some carrots, etc for snacking.
Third, the highlight, is always the 2nd hand store.  The churches in Salmon Arm do this little store and we happened to get there on the 1st day of their $2 bag week.  WOW.  It was busy, but fun.  I found a whole bag full of sewing patterns and lace, etc plus lots more goodies.  Gregg also had the chance to show us the upstairs boutique in the shop...all retro style clothing.  You ask to be let in with a supervisor and browse.  Oh so fun.  We all loved it.  Kate bought some old fashioned gloves, girls got some pretty hankies, and I just enjoyed the eye candy it afforded me.
We arrived in Calgary just in time for supper of perogies.  Very nice.  Had a great sleep after a few days of not really sleeping, it was wonderful!
So here we are in Calgary, hoping to do some shopping with the girls, they want to go to Dollarama and find some treasures for their friends.  Kate did most of her shopping on Ebay this year, that was fun.
Have a happy day all, do all your baking and preparing for Christmas with joy in your hearts and thanksgiving for all that you have!

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Kimberly said...

That second hand store sounds amazing! I hope I remember it next time we drive through Salmon Arm.

Hope you holiday season is full of more sweet surprises, memory-making moments, and fabulous family time!